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orangeaquarium's Journal

orange aquarium
8 March
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And for the ladies out there, I wish we could write more than the next. Culture is what we make it, yes it is. Now is the time to invent.

I got a burning passion in my throat
I got a burning passion inside me
I got a job that wastes my time and gift
I got a life that needs a serious lift
I'm one third passion I'm two thirds pride
I said I used to have a life once
He said I used to like your smile once
Silence to the world, but the stars kept marching
He said silence to everyone, I said I'm still talking

Her art inspired me to do my best, and to paint my music like I saw it best. She said I grew up well, she said I grew up strong. Cause no one's got my back, no one's gonna write my songs.

I am Corinne Laird, Euro-traveller.

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